Our students present with a diverse range of diagnoses and backgrounds; however, one thing they often have in common is a feeling that they have not been successful in previous educational settings. Students may also present with behavior profiles that manifest in myriad ways, including physical aggression, environmental aggression, and difficulties with mood regulation.

While our curriculum follows the academic standards set forth by the Common Core, we also embed and explicitly teach behavioral and social-emotional skills to students throughout the school year. Lessons focus on appropriate social interactions, appropriate attention seeking, polite requests, coping skills, frustration management, accepting differences, building independence, and any other skills we assess our students will need to master in order to succeed in future educational settings and in the world as a whole. Our curriculum puts an emphasis on building these skills early on so that students will not be impeded by avoidable behavioral issues later in their lives.

In addition to teaching these socio-emotional skills, EPIC provides students with an array of academic, behavioral, and physical accommodations. In conjunction with contracted related service providers, we compose Behavior Intervention Plans specific to each student’s behaviors in order to provide a consistent approach within the school setting and throughout other settings the student encounters. We also communicate all strategies and support systems to EPIC families in order to ensure stability, consistency, and growth for each student.