2018-2019 Enrollment Status: OPEN

EPIC still has spots available for K-2 students for the current academic year. If interested in finding out if EPIC might be a fit for your family, please follow our enrollment process detailed below.

2019-2020 Enrollment Status: OPEN

We are currently offering tours to anyone considering EPIC for the 2019-2020 academic year. Open Enrollment for our K-3 class formally begins on February 4, 2019. To schedule a tour, please follow our enrollment process detailed below.

Enrollment Process

EPIC uses a rolling admission process, so all slots are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. While not exclusively a twice exceptional program, many of our students share traits with the 2E community; they are often extremely gifted in certain academic and social realms and extremely challenged by others. However, due to the individually differentiated nature of our program, EPIC does not restrict enrollment based on diagnosis, behavior profile, or innate ability. Further, students do not need any diagnosis to attend EPIC. The following enrollment process is designed so that we can accurately assess if we are the ideal environment for your child:

1. Initiate Contact with EPIC: You can reach out to us by calling our general line (347) 457-6609or by completing the contact form below. A team member will contact you shortly to answer any initial questions you have about EPIC before working with you to schedule a tour of our educational environment.


2. Send Student Documents: Prior to our scheduled meeting, an EPIC team member will provide instructions on how to send us any documents you’ve collected over your student’s academic journey. EPIC’s Co-Founding team will read everything you send and will also take it all with a grain of salt; no neuropsych, IEP, progress report, classroom observation, or work portfolio can fully capture a student’s social and academic successes and needs, but each record of the past moves us closer to a more complete picture of your child.

3. Attend your Scheduled Tour: This is where we get to know one another in person.  It is our ideal that you bring your prospective student with you so we can get to know them as well. After a tour of our space, an EPIC team member will supervise your child and provide them with a multitude of safe and engaging activities. This will give us time speak privately and answer whatever questions you have about our program. Additionally, expect us to ask questions to get a better sense of how we can work together best help your child. Assuming we feel EPIC is an appropriate academic environment for your child, we’ll conclude this meeting by providing you with a Educational Service Agreement, Class Schedule, Course Descriptions, and Parent Handbook for you to look over.

It is our hope that, by the end our tour, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether EPIC is right for your student, but we are also happy to answer follow-up questions over the phone or in-person.

4. Enroll in EPIC: When you are ready to move forward, inform the team using your preferred method of communication so we can welcome you to our community and assist you in completing all paperwork necessary to attend EPIC!