EPIC’s 2019-2020 tuition rate is $72,000. EPIC was designed with reimbursement in mind and, as such, many of our families successfully receive reimbursement for the cost of our tuition through the use of both Carter and Connors funding. If you are interested in learning more about this process, we recommend reaching out to one of the talented legal teams who have worked with EPIC families in the past listed on our Legal Resources page.

Reimbursement is an important (and stressful) process, but EPIC is committed to empowering families to advocate for the needs of their children. We are familiar with the tuition reimbursement process, and it is our goal to make this burdensome endeavor easier on our students’ families by helping them to gather the documentation and evidence they will need along the way. We will consult with families’ attorneys to proactively learn what documentation will be required for each student’s case in addition to putting together a reimbursement portfolio for each student throughout their time with us at EPIC.