“Our son’s 1st grade year in public school was a struggle, for him and us. We lived in fear of an email or call telling us something truly serious had happened. This year with Katerina marked his first as a real student, as a classmate, and in an environment where we knew both his gifts and challenges were being accommodated. We are deeply grateful to her.”

~Father of 2nd grade student

“Our daughter has made phenomenal progress with Katerina as her teacher.  She is now better able to regulate her emotions and advocate for her needs in appropriate ways.  She is consistently challenged and supported to grow academically, socially, and emotionally in both her areas of strength as well as her areas of weakness.  Most importantly, our daughter has found a community in Katerina’s classroom where her learning differences are not just tolerated, but truly celebrated.”

~Mother of kindergarten student

My son has been given a home at EPIC.  The students are treated with a dignity that I found lacking at his previous schools.  He is given a great deal of social and emotional support and has shown growth in his ability to use these skills outside of the classroom.   

~Mother of 3rd grade student

“Katerina is magical. She can take any child with challenges and with her extensive bag of strategies and techniques – based on experience, education and insights – turn that child into a contributing member of the classroom community. Katerina is an expert in balancing her students’ school experience: they get a good mix of academia, social education and fun! She also incorporates a lot of project based learning to really engage them.”

~ Mother of 2nd grade student

“Josh Askildsen is a wonderful administrator. He consistently greets parents’ inquiries  by phone and in person with a warm and positive attitude! I’ve watched Josh go beyond what is expected to follow through any obstacle. He is devoted to the students and wants to see them succeed. Josh is also very willing to learn new skills and grow as an administrator.” 

~ Mother of 2nd grade student