Who We Are

EPIC Academy is a Brooklyn-based full-time school replacement program, designed to provide top-tier academic instruction combined with behavioral support to students with special needs with the overall goal of creating the least restrictive environment possible for our students and giving them the tools they need to succeed for the rest of their lives.

EPIC currently serves students in grades K–3, but we will be expanding to include grade 4 in the fall of 2020 and grade 5 in the fall of 2021! Find out more about our admissions process here.

Our Mission

To be EPIC!

To Empower students and teachers with the skills they need to succeed both in the classroom and in their lives.

To be Progressive in our educational approach, differentiating on an individual basis.

To create an Inclusive educational environment for our students and staff.

To Collaborate with everyone in our students’ lives, creating a sense of community that transcends our program’s walls.

Our Program

EPIC Academy is a full-time K-3 program that runs Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM to 3 PM during the months of September through June. Our 180-day academic calendar is similar to that of the New York City Department of Education’s, with a few adjustments for professional development days and special events. Throughout a typical school day, students can expect to receive instruction as a class group, in smaller groups and pairs, and in 1:1 conference settings with an instructor. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed with areas to accommodate these different instructional models. Find out more here!